Spring arm SKYDOQ®

The spring arm made by Tragfreund offers more than the standard. For example, the more than 10-15% higher pay load compared with similar solutions on the market enables to fit heavy operations lights and/ or surgical monitors. Due to this feature, the user avoids the use high-priced spring arms and different mechanical interfaces, which increases the complexity in sourcing. The development of an unique and high quality product for the user was and is still our claim. The result is a modern and multiple patented spring arm, that has quite more features and advantages for the user as standard products.

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    Weight adjustment

    Infinitely adjustable over the entire weight range

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    Rear joint

    - Weld seam free
    - Plastic cladding secured by screws
    - Vertical stroke:
    +570 mm/-617 mm

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    • 3-pole commutators:
    3 x last

    • 9-pole commutators:
    3 x last / 6 x signal
    • 9-pole HD-SDI
    • 5-pole 4K (30 Hz)
    • 5-pole 4K (60 Hz)
    • 5-pole 4KFO (Fibre Optic)

    Schnittstelle hinten

    • Marktübliche Schnittstelle
    • Zapfenaußendurchmesser: 32 mm

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    Spring arm

    • Material: extruded aluminium section
    - Load capacity range:
    6 to 12 kg
    10 to 24 kg
    - Length (from pin to pin): 910 mm
    - Exact parallel guidance

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    Front articulated arm

    - Weld seam free
    - Plastic cladding through Screws secured

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    Height stop

    Infinitely adjustable from 0° to + 45° upwards

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    Stop at joint:
    - Swivel range: 300°.

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    Interfaces front

    - Standard market interface
    - Inside diameter of journal: 29.3 mm


Product Information

Description Data
Material Aluminium
Versions STD - Standard
LCH - Low Ceiling Height
Arm length 910 mm (STD)
875 mm (LCH)
Load capacity STD 6-24 kg
LCH max. 200 Nm
Electric 3- or 9-pole commutators
Horizontal stopper optional
Parallel guidance integrated
Height adjustment integrated
Gewichtsverstellung integrated
Gewichtsverstellung RAL 9010 texture

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Suspension arm systems

Innovation and Design

After only two years of intensive development and testing, a new generation of suspension arm systems for OR-lights, monitors and other medical equipment has been launched. The innovative SKYDOQ® series with multiple patents finds its use in the professional clinical environment. Highest safety, unique design and noticeable more comfort are our benchmark for this series.