The MC-1 monitor carrier meets the requirements for professional use in the clinical environment.

The intelligent design can carry and supply flat screens of 24 „to 32“ size. With a max. load capacity of 18 kg the MC-1 can be used almost with all current models. The high rigidity of the monitor carrier prevents ringing after repositioning the monitor, thus ensuring smooth use.

The integrated cable shafts provide generous space for easy and secure routing of the power and signal cables. Great emphasis was placed on hygienic aspects during development. For example, power supplies and cables of the flat panel are stored in a closed housing on the back of the monitor. Together with the SKYDOQ suspension arm system, the MC-1 can be easily positioned in the operating environment.

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    Rear interface

    - Standard market interface
    - Outside diameter of journal: 32 mm

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    2x central axis with monitor

    - Material: Aluminium
    - Weld seam free
    - up to max. 17 kg

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    Tilt angle, rotation angle

    - Material: Aluminium
    - Tilt angle (vertical): 30 degrees forward, 90 degrees to the rear (parking position)
    - Rotation angle (horizontal): 300 degrees

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    Monitor size

    21" - 32" (or 700x500 mm)


Product Information

Description Data
Monitor size 21“ – 32“ (700x500 mm)
Monitor weight max. 18 kg
Vertical tilt 30° down, 90° back
Horizontal tilt 300°
VESA-interface 100 x 100 mm
Cable capacity Integrated, max. 5 Cables á 8 mm
Socket size Ø 20mm (e.g.. DisplayPort, S-Video, HDMI, SC)
Cable shaft covered
Casing 360x130x60mm space to fix a monitor power supply and surplus cables,
integrated pull relief for up to 4 monitor- power cables
Preparation for steril handle available through M8 thread
Net weight 5,0 kg (11 lbs)
Material Aluminium and plasic
Grounding Integrated
IP IP protection class 20
Colour RAL 9010 (brilliant white)

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After only two years of intensive development and testing, a new generation of suspension arm systems for OR-lights, monitors and other medical equipment has been launched. The innovative SKYDOQ® series with multiple patents finds its use in the professional clinical environment. Highest safety, unique design and noticeable more comfort are our benchmark for this series.