Monitor Carrier GSD

Krömker® was the first European manufacturer to develop a compact support arm for Monitors for patient monitoring and was successfully launched on the market in 2003.

The support arms are characterized by their ease of operation, robustness and durability. The monitor support arm GSD is designed for a flexible and fast mounting of monitors and other accessories for various applications. As a unique feature, the GSD comes with a special spring that covers a load up to 15 kg and thus offers significantly less product complexity compared to competitors on the market, who need different springs. The support arm can be integrated into existing structures or into new system landscapes with the help of various mounting options.

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    monitor rotation 360°

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    Closed device system enables easy cleaning

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    - simple operation
    - flexible & height adjustable

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    Bigger handle with locking device

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    - movable in horizontal direction
    - large swivel range

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    High quality material

    Aluminium profile with powder-coated surface

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    Through different end pieces adaptable to:
    - Horizontal standard rail
    - pipe (ø 38 mm, 25 mm)
    - GCX - Rail
    - Krömker Rail

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    Monitor holder

    Positioning of a display for maximum ergonomic comfort for the relief of eyes, neck and back.


Product Information - Gas pressure spring arm (GSD)

Description Data
Length 400 mm
Net weight 3 kg netto
Payload 15 kg
Swivle ranges arm 360°
Height-adjustment ca. + 263 mm / - 244 mm
Rotation of the turn/
swivle unit
Tilt range ca ± 22°
Extension arm 200 mm / 300 mm
Material aluminium
IP protection class 20
Colour RAL 9010 (brilliant white)

Product Information - Horizontal arm

Description Data
Length 220 mm / 340 mm
Net weight 0,6 kg / 0,8 kg
Payload 16 kg
Material Aluminium
Colour RAL 9010 (brilliant white)

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