Ceiling fixing SKYDOQ®

The Ceiling Fixing SKYDOQ® is the perfect solution to support operation lights and flat screen monitors in an OR environment. The intelligent construction made of aluminium and the slim product structure will result in short delivery times and short time installations on site. The seamless welding construction is designed to support up to 24 kg load on the extension arms. Adjustable stoppers at each extension arm simplifies the assembly of hard wired cable solutions.

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    • Material: aluminium
    • Arm lengths:
    775 mm,
    925 mm,
    1.075 mm
    • Hybrid lengths:
    1.525 mm

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    Load capacity

    • 1-arm: max. 24 kg
    • 2-arm: max. 48 kg
    • 3-arm: max. 59 kg

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    Ceiling flange

    • Material: aluminium
    • Tube: ø 105 mm
    • Tube lengths: 300 to 1.000 mm
    • Flange mounting between star flange and tube

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    Ceiling cover

    Central locking on star grip

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    • 3-pole commutators:
    3 x load

    • 9-pole commutators:
    3 x load
    6 x signal lines

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    Swivel range: 300°

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    Stop central axis

    Swivel range: 270°


Product Information

Description Data
Material aluminium
Versions Single-, Double- and Triple Arm
Arm lengths 775, 925 und 1,075mm and hybrid length up to 1,550mm
Load capacity 1-arm = max. 24kg
2-arm = max. 48kg
3-arm = max. 56kg
Ceiling flange Star flange with 270mm hole pattern
Electric 3-pole or 9-pole commutators
Ceiling cover Divisible, 590mm diameter, 120mm height
Stoppers Optional, in 60° steps adjustable
Colour RAL 9010 texture
Scope of supply Flange, Ceiling cover, Drop tube, Extension Arms, Electric
Shipping All-in-one on an Euro-pallet (1,200x800mm)

SKYDOQ® Drop Tube Calculation

Finished floor to false ceiling [mm]

Clearance height bottom of axis [mm]

Number of extension arms

Skydoq Ausleger 1 Skydoq Ausleger 2 Skydoq Ausleger 3

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Suspension arm systems

Innovation and Design

After only two years of intensive development and testing, a new generation of suspension arm systems for OR-lights, monitors and other medical equipment has been launched. The innovative SKYDOQ® series with multiple patents finds its use in the professional clinical environment. Highest safety, unique design and noticeable more comfort are our benchmark for this series.