Strengthening W. Krömker GmbH’s management

KMT MedTec Holding GmbH is taking over the young and innovative company Tragfreund GmbH based in Schmalkalden, Thuringia. Since 2014, the Tragfreund team supporting the CEO and Founder Andreas Mühlenbeck has been developing suspension and movement systems for medical technology applications, including operating lights and monitors for the operating room. Production and distribution of the suspension and movement systems shall be conducted from Germany starting mid-2016.

According to Dr Christoph Hamann, CEO of INVICTO Holding GmbH and, together with the VR Equity Partner GmbH (VREP), the majority shareholder of KMT MedTec Holing GmbH, he sees the bundling of long-term expertise and the branch-specific network of the Tragfreund team into the holding company as the perfect foundation upon which to propel the Group's expansion and to play an important and sustainable role as a partner for medical technology companies.

KMT MedTec Holding GmbH also owns the company W. Krömker GmbH which is located in Bückeburg, Lower Saxony, and employs approx. 40 individuals. W. Krömker has been active in the field of medical technology for more than 35 years and has established itself as a reliable partner to major Medtec companies by providing a range of services. including gas pressure spring arms, electronic components, trollies and docking trollies, as well as hospital equipment.
Tragfreund CEO Andreas Mühlenbeck had this to say about the takeover: “The right time and logical decision. Our portfolio now includes the very successful and established company W. Krömker GmbH and the very agile and innovative company Tragfreund GmbH. There are many combined opportunities and synergies we wish to exploit in order to inspire existing and future customers. INVICTO and VREP provide us with strong strategic financial partners with broad experience with SMEs and the courage to invest in the future.”

Andreas Mühlenbeck shall remain the CEO of Tragfreund GmbH whilst also assuming the new role of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of KMT MedTec Holding in order to oversee the Group's strategic orientation.

W. Krömker GmbH’s management shall also gain new support at the same time. Jürgen Roth, Production Manager at Tragfreund GmbH, will take on the role of Chief Technical Officer (CTO). Mr Michael Meier, who is currently the CEO of W. Krömker GmbH, shall be responsible for the Sales department.


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