PREMIERE - 4k transmission with fiber optic cable

Transmission through pluggable rotating contacts in the SKYDOQ suspension arm system

Standteam auf der MEDICA 2017

W. Krömker GmbH, the world's first company in the field of suspension arm systems, offers the transmission of 4K signals with an fiber optical cable via pluggable rotating contacts. The fiber optic cable allows for uncompressed, latency-free and interference-free signal transmission.

Thus, image resolutions of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels at a frame rate of 25p are possible.

“We offer a trendsetting technology for camera and monitor systems and a complex-free alternative to the wireless solutions in the market. Our big advantage is that we can transfer significantly more data volume - if desired up to 4k 60p or 12 GBit” says Andreas Mühlenbeck, Managing Director of W. Krömker GmbH.

Our cooperation with the company Bernstein AG has also received great attention. In the future, we will be offering foot switches for the MedTec environment. Here the spectrum ranges from proven products up to customized solutions.

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