Novelty in the neuroradiology - The chapot® table

With the chapot® table , which was developed in close cooperation with Prof. Dr. med. René Chapot, the neuroradiologists will be able to perform high-precision operations even more safely and ergnomomically in the future.

Thanks to the chapot® table the neuroradiologists and the surgical team no longer have to keep turning away from the operating table during a precedure because they have all the important things in plain sight. The chapot® table has a liquid rack at the foot end. The system is specifically designed to keep everything well organised and the infusion tubes securely fixed to the table.

At the chapot® table the neuroradiologists no longer has to keep his hand free causing it to tire or even tremble during lengthly operations, instead his hand remains steady on the hand rest.

The height-adjustable chapot® table is easy to install on an operating table. Located above the patient's legs, it offers numerous advantages that make the work of the neuroradiologists and his surgical team much easier.

v.l.n.r.: A. Mühlenbeck (Managing Director Krömker), Prof. Dr. med R. Chapot (Chief Physician of Radiology and Neuroradiology - Alfried Krupp hospital), C. Halama (Sales Director Krömker)

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