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PREMIERE – The first installation of Chapot® table

PREMIERE – The first installation of Chapot® table at a Philips AZURION 7 Tisch was implemented in Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein Campus Lübeck. We wish a lot of successful operations with this new tool!

The Chapot® table was developed in close cooperation with Prof. med. René Chapot and is supporting all highly precise operations of neuroradiologists safer and much more ergonomic.

Ongoing high demand for components of ventilation devices caused by Covid 19

Krömker is good on track in the last weeks to satisfy in time the enormously high demand of products like trollies and support arm systems from domestic and international companies. The production capacities are quadruplicated. More than 250 pieces support arm systems for ventilators leave our factory in Bückeburg each day – tendency increasing. The further measures, which we decided last week, are to increase our staff by employing 10 new people in production and related areas. The high quality of our products is our major focus. Furthermore our commitment is valid: “Save lifes with products of W. Krömker made in Bückeburg.” This is the statement of the entire ‘crew’ with passion and tireless dedication.

Covid 19 - Saving lifes with products made by W. Krömker GmbH

Krömker GmbH supports the producers of ventilators with the highest priority due to the fact that the demand increased dramatically in the last few weeks. As a result, W. Krömker decided to increase the capacities in production for mobile stands / trollies and articulated arms which are needed for the final assembly of ventilators. Our employees are currently working overtime and on Saturday to satisfy the high demand in the usual quality. This is our contribution to help the people who are infected by Coronavirus to recover soonest possible.

Stay healthy!

W. Krömker – successful trade fair Arab Health 2020 in Dubai

W. Krömker – successful trade fair Arab Health 2020 in Dubai

Arab Health exhibition, where the healthcare world comes to business, is the biggest and most important trade fair in the MENA region. Major focus is medical devices and electro-medicine as well as the physiotherapy and orthopedic technology but also consumer goods. The Arab Health is with more than 78000 visitors from 66 countries on an exhibition area of 64000 sqm the perfect meeting point for customers, dealers and distributors in this region. As in previous years, W. Krömker GmbH was an important contact partner for its existing customers in the area of support and suspension arm systems as well as trollies and fixing systems. Furthermore, interesting meetings with new potential customers and the introduction of the innovative product portfolio took center stage of the company presentation at the fair. “It is really important to be present at the growing market of medical healthcare and its leading fair Arab Health. Trendsetting and sustainable business conversations with our target groups inspire the participation year by year.”, commented Andreas Mühlenbeck, CEO, resuming the results of the exhibition.

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A focus on service for comfort you can feel.

From the very first time we meet customers, our processes are based on the transparent, service-orientated handling of orders and lead to high-quality, innovative and convenient products and solutions.

Dependability for efficient customer processes.

Our internal process workflows as well as reaction and delivery times are geared towards improving your processes. Manufacturing is carried out in Germany to shorten paths, guarantee fast availability and ensure a high and sustainable level of product quality.

Premium quality for new market segments.

Standing out for over 40 years thanks to our services’ and products’ perfect quality. ‘Made in Germany’ is not just a seal of quality for us, but the promise to ensure the highest quality standards, accuracy and durability in order to successfully conquer new markets.

Clear competitive advantages through innovation.

Innovative development processes enable us to set trends and standards for medical and industrial systems. This allows us to implement our own product ideas and also undertake customer innovations. In doing so, we offer exclusive conditions and help minimise process costs and risks.

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