We uphold values.

Our products enable us to bring passion, innovation and safety to the world of medical technology.

We know the industry processes as well as how to significantly improve them. We’re aware of the responsibility involved and help our customers to realise their duties. We’ve got the answers to meet market needs and the vision to work with our customers to define a new goal.


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We carry (green) values!

We carry (green) values! We proudly present: a new member in the company!

Our new fleet car, the purely electric VW ID 3, which is charged with 100% green electricity and of course equipped with matching CI-foiling. For us, this is an impor...

What we stand for


A focus on service for comfort you can feel.

From the very first time we meet customers, our processes are based on the transparent, service-orientated handling of orders and lead to high-quality, innovative and convenient products and solutions.

Dependability for efficient customer processes.

Our internal process workflows as well as reaction and delivery times are geared towards improving your processes. Manufacturing is carried out in Germany to shorten paths, guarantee fast availability and ensure a high and sustainable level of product quality.

Premium quality for new market segments.

Standing out for over 40 years thanks to our services’ and products’ perfect quality. ‘Made in Germany’ is not just a seal of quality for us, but the promise to ensure the highest quality standards, accuracy and durability in order to successfully conquer new markets.

Clear competitive advantages through innovation.

Innovative development processes enable us to set trends and standards for medical and industrial systems. This allows us to implement our own product ideas and also undertake customer innovations. In doing so, we offer exclusive conditions and help minimise process costs and risks.

high-quality products for medical technology

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